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Cathy Needham Textile Artist

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Mossy Vessel

Felt vessel, inspired by
mossy tree stumps, with
felted in fabric pieces, and  thread embellishment

Mossy Vessel

Close up of top of felt
vessel with felted fabric
pieces, and rich thread embellishment

Summer richness  

Hanging, with applique
& manipulated fabric
flowers, on a felt
Background. Machine,
hand stitching
& bead embellishment

Summer richness

Detail of sunflower from
hanging above. Wired petals, machine and hand stitching, bead and thread centre

Rose handbag

Inspired by the Ripley
castle rose garden.
Felt bag with flowers
and leaves felted in and
more applied on top, with
hand embellishment
of beads and threads

A Riot of Roses

Details of roses & leaves
on Rose piece.. Felt flowers
and leaves applied on top,
hand embellishment with
beads and threads

Autumn leaves shawl

Martha models this autumn leaves shawl, made of
merino wool & silk tops and
a blue felt bag with machine embroidered silk applique of leaves
Autumn leaves bowl

Inspired by the rich colours
and shapes of autumn leaves, this bowl is made of merino
wool & silk tops  with hand embroidery and bead embellishment
Marsh Gold I

Inspired by a meadow of Marsh marigolds in the Dales, this
is a detail of a felt piece.
With some sewn on felt
flowers, it is richly
embellished with beads  

Autumn leaves shawl

Inspired by  autumn leaves,
this shawl is felted from
merino wool and silk tops.
The blue felt bag has a
machine embroidered
Applique of silk leaves.

A riot of colour

Inspired by a late summer  garden border. Hand-stitched
in cotton threads, with chain
& stem stitch, french &
bullion knots

Shell embroidery

Inspired by an exotic sea
shell. Hand-stitched in
cotton threads, with
couched threads
& satin stitch